Hi, I am Andrew

and I would like to show you my simple portfolio.

Make yourself comfortable

I will take care of your problems, if you don’t mind.

Long story short

I am specialized in making company life more simple. Like this portfolio.

Signature strengths

I simply increase website users

Thanks to the SEO and content marketing knowlege I forward more audience towards company website.

I make communication more simple

And make PR much more emotional. With lots of empathy and years of experience.

I design simple and beautiful things

Like this website. Or DTP projects. I am not affraid of sitting and working in Corel or to editing movies.

I love to work.

And I love to do jobs that challenge me.

Those are my latest experiences.

I’ve already spend over seven years working in PR and marketing departaments. After that time I have to admit: I like it.

Director of Guest Happiness in Mistrz i Małgorzata Restaurant

I worked as marketing and PR specialist, preparing analytical selling reports. Involved in restaurant opening process for 6 months.

Junior Developer at Advant Interactive, LA

I made my episode in american company called Advant Interacitive. I worked remotly. I made simple developer tasks, mostly at WordPress.

Marketing specialist at Onyx International

Onyx International is a tanning cosmetics company. I prepared AdWords campaign and designed website, did lots of SEO optimisation and conducted trainings for retailers.

Spokesman and PR manager at Polkowice Football Club

Third-division Football Club spokesman. I have been coordinating work of PR and marketing departament and I’ve prepared unique BTL campaign (details below).

Projects I made. Simply

I have participated in Mistrz i Małgorzata restaurant opening process

And I have never thought that work within HoReCa could be so exacting. That is one of my biggest projects in terms of managing experience. We reached over 5k fans on Facebook before opening. Now the restaurant is a big success.

I created a popular blog, Anty-Torun.pl with over 12k UU monthly

That was a local political blog, achieving 12,3k UU in October 2014 and over 16k UU in January 2015. There were 13 articles based on Anty-Torun exlusive news formed by traditional press. I’ve reached 2.1k fans on Facebook.

I created and impelemented “Become our 12th player” BTL campaign

which was a big step forward for Polkowice Football Club. Without any budget we increased attendance by 63% in half a year and sold over 100 kits with no. 12. Club Fans trully believed that they got impact on team results.

These are

few of my references

Andrzej Padniewski […] in his work has shown a great creativity spirit. He certainly has my highest recommendation.

Krzysztof Koziorowicz

Head coach of women basketball national team 2006-2009

The funniest thing is that he always asks if ‘he is profitable’ and if the company earns on his activities. Otherwise he says that if his not – he will resign.

Mateusz Dobrowolski

Chairman, Spot Commercial Agency

Andrew Padniewski demonstrated his high manners and objective perception of the topics which he took as a journalist. […] Padniewski started working in our radio had been thrown at the deep end and very quickly lifted up our requirements.

Stanisław Obertaniec

Director, Radio Plus

Mr. Padniewski has been responsible of the entire promotion Chocianow municipalities. […] He is extremely loyal, often uncompromising, but only when he is convinced of the correctness of his suggestion.

Franciszek Skibicki

Mayor of Chocianów Municipalities

For one season we were consistently building a new image of our club based on campaign prepared by Andrew. As a result media started to publish more possitive articles, and audience on stadium immediately increased.

Piotr Korczak

General Manager, FC Polkowice

Andrew has been cooperting with me during one of my projects. He is a truly creative person with lots of ideas. Great in preventing future problems and taking hard things as simple as possible.
Maciej Wydrzyński

7th term deputy of Polish Parliament

I am closer than you think. All you need to do is to send me your e-mail: